Fauci Explains “Harmless” J&J Vaccine

Dr. Fauci has a stunningly simple way to explain how Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine differs from Pfizer's and Moderna's shots

BUSINESS INSIDER – The US now has authorized three coronavirus vaccines: two mRNA options from Pfizer and Moderna, and one adenovirus shot from Johnson & Johnson … 

During a White House briefing on Monday, President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained exactly how each shot takes effect.

Shots from Pfizer and Moderna give the body genetic instruction manuals to safely learn how to fight the coronavirus

Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines train the body to fight COVID-19 by injecting mRNA, or messenger RNA, into a person’s deltoid, the rounded muscle that hugs the upper arm and shoulder. Fauci said:

“The mRNA that’s injected into the muscle codes for the spike protein. The coronavirus’ spike protein is what allows the virus to latch on to and invade our cells. But the mRNA vaccines train our bodies to say, immunologically, ‘Not so fast.’

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“The body sees that [protein] and makes an immune response against that, giving you the protection that has been shown with both of the mRNA vaccines.” 

J&J inserts a harmless cold virus to do the same job

J&J’s shot injects viral DNA, not mRNA. This is a key reason J&J’s vaccine is so much easier to manufacture and to store in the fridge: The DNA inside is not as fragile as the single-stranded mRNA in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s shots.

That DNA is encapsulated in a “harmless, non-replication-competent virus,” Fauci said.

That adenovirus, called Ad26, is a common cold virus that has had its illness-causing genes removed, so it can’t get you sick.

Once the vaccine is injected into a person’s arm, the virus injects its DNA into cells, where it’s copied into messenger RNA.

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That mRNA then codes for coronavirus spike proteins in the same way as Pfizer’s or Moderna’s shots.

Both types of vaccines result in the same ‘end game’ for the virus … 

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