13 Best Bras for Older Women That You’ll Love Wearing Every Day

PLUS: Red carpet tips to improve posture

“Chin up, boobs out, it’s SHOWTIME!” – Attributed to Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds

WOMEN’S WORLD – If you’ve ever felt lost while trying to find the right bra, you’re not alone.

Not only is the topic a somewhat personal one, there’s not a lot of readily available information out there — especially when it comes to bras for older women.

Still, it’s important to educate yourself about the specific undergarments you need as your body changes with age.

To get a good fit, take note of your breasts’ shape, fullness, proportions, position, and spacing. The main thing to remember is that if your bra or your breasts are sagging when you put your undergarments on, the band or the cups might be too big.

Whatever you’re looking for in a bra, we’ve done the legwork to help you find the right choice.

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Here are our favorite bras for older women that will give you the boost you need.

What are the best bras for Older Women?

  • Debbie Reynolds | Kingkongphoto (CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Best bralette for older women : Bali Comfort Revolution Bralette

  • Best bra for women with limited mobility : Silvert’s Bra Front-Closure
  • Best seamless bra for older women : Bravado Designs Muse Everyday Bra
  • Best bra for larger busts : Playtex Bra: 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Full-Figure Bra
  • Best supportive front-close bra : Playtex 18-Hour Posture Boost Front-Closure Bra
  • Best sleep bra for seniors : Bare Necessities Cotton Luxe Wire-Free Bra
  • Best front-close bra for large breasts : Just My Size Easy-On Front Close Bra
  • Best wireless bra for small breasts : Pepper Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra
  • Best underwire bra for small breasts : Pepper Classic All You Bra
  • Best supportive underwire bra : Bare Necessities Elomi Cate Side-Support Bra

Keep reading to find the best bra for your particular figure [with links to all products]! SOURCE. 

Headline Health thanks our friend Dawn for the tip!

Quick tips to improve posture


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SHEKNOWS – Changing your posture will feel unnatural initially, but with practice, can make a red carpet posture part of your normal way of sitting, standing and moving. Dr Drew recommends the following:

1. Hold your shoulder blades back. Keep your shoulders and shoulder blades down and back, towards each other.

Pretend that you have an orange between your shoulder blades and you are trying to squeeze it to make orange juice.

2. Bring your head over your shoulders. When you move your shoulder blades back, your head will naturally align with the shoulders.

“This is the same advice that I gave to Jeanie Buss of the LA Lakers [who is also featured in my new book], to help her reduce the incidence of tension headaches,” says Dr Drew.

3. Pull your belly button back towards your spine. Pretend that something is grabbing your belly button and pulling it in and up the spine. This will help to give the appearance of a flatter tummy.

“When I worked with Madonna years ago on tour, this is the advice that I gave her to help reduce her lower back discomfort during her performances,” adds Dr Drew.

4. Work on balance. Exercises using the balance ball are perfect for stimulating the abdominal or core muscles to help improve posture. Balance ball exercises (illustrated in Red Carpet Posture) include crunches, leg and arm extensions, planks, back extensions, wall squats and a variety of other moves that challenge the entire body.

Dr Drew says, “Any exercises that encourage you to use balance will help stimulate muscles that aid in posture.”

5. Be consistent. Being conscious about your alignment and making corrective adjustments throughout the day will improve your posture even if you don’t have time for exercise.

Consistent strength and flexibility training, however, will more effectively give you an A-list stance. Dr Drew explains, “If one can do exercises to improve posture for just 20 minutes, twice a week, it can make all the difference. The exercises don’t need to be strenuous; they can be performed as one or two sets of 15 comfortable reps each.” Read more. 

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