HEALTHY MAGAZINE – Fit people tend to adhere to several common practices that give their metabolism and physique an extra boost.

Fit people tend to:

  1. Educate themselves regarding nutrition and exercise. Knowledge is power!

2. Look for ways to “mix up” their fitness routine. The body is constantly adapting to the forces imposed upon it. If you do the same thing at the gym everyday, you’ll limit your results and eventually hit a plateau.

3. Avoid fad diets. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Maintaining an ideal weight is about sustainable, life-long lifestyle changes – not the trendy weight loss gimmick of the moment.

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4. Make eating out the exception rather than the rule. Restaurant food is notoriously loaded with excess fat and calories. If you cook it yourself, you control what you put in your body.

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5. Exercise in the morning. Many people find too many diversions as the day progresses. Fit your workout in early and get it over with!

6. Eat what the cavemen ate. Think unprocessed, whole foods like grass-fed beef and poultry, wild-caught seafood, and plenty of organic fruits and vegetables.

7. Maintain tidy homes. These folks perform indoor and outdoor chores themselves rather than hiring these tasks out or forgoing them all together …


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