10 tips for healthy eyes


NEBRASKA MEDICINE – Regular eye care can have a life-changing impact, and taking steps to support your vision now can make a difference.

Schedule regular eye exams with an eye doctor.

Everyone needs their eyes and vision checked regularly. Comprehensive dilated eye exams help find problems that may not have warning signs and can provide an opportunity for early treatment and prevention. Your eye doctor may be able to detect certain conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, even before your primary care doctor.

Regular eye exams should be scheduled every two to three years up until age 40, every two years between ages 40 and 60 and every year after age 60 for otherwise healthy eyes.

Consider if vision corrective surgery may be right for you.

Although vision correction surgery, or refractive surgery, doesn’t change the eyes’ normal aging process, it can improve your quality of life through better vision, freedom from glasses or contacts and money savings. The experts at the Truhlsen Eye Institute can help you choose the right vision correction option that suits your needs and lifestyle. While LASIK or SMILE may be the best fit for some people, Contoura® Vision, a reversible solution such as EVO ICL or other surgical options, may be better for your situation.

Take care of your overall health.

Taking care of your body also helps take care of your eyes. A healthy, balanced diet helps maximize eye health, especially specific foods and vitamins that may help prevent or reduce problems. Maintain a healthy weight, stay hydrated, quit smoking (which can affect blood flow to the delicate eye tissue) and exercise regularly to help support eye health and protect against disease.

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Know your risk factors.

Knowing your family’s medical history is helpful, as certain eye diseases can be inherited. Did a family member have macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy? …


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