Your Nightly Bathroom Trips Could Mean This

By Dr. Manny |

If you make frequent midnight runs to the bathroom, you already know how annoying they can be.

But new research suggests they might mean more than just guzzling too much water before bedtime.

In fact, the disrupting habit (called nocturia) could mean you have high blood pressure.

A new study says those who had frequent nighttime bathroom trips had a greater chance of hypertension than others.

What’s more, the chances of hypertension rose with the number of nightly trips, suggesting a relationship between the two.

To make this conclusion, researchers enrolled over 3,700 Japanese participants, noting blood pressure measurements during health checkups.

Researchers also gained information about nocturia using a questionnaire.

When compared to hypertension, the study’s lead doctor says, “We found that getting up in the night to urinate was linked to a 40% greater chance of having hypertension.”

The findings correlate with a previous smaller study, which found that men and women who experienced trouble sleeping also had nocturia and high salt intake.

The researchers showed that, by reducing salt intake, the average nightly bathroom trips in the group dropped from 2.3 to 1.4 each night.

Regarding these results, Dr. Tomohiro says that a “dietary modification might significantly improve the quality of life for many people.”

Yet frequent nighttime urination can mean you have one of several underlying problems.

Notably, the American Sleep Apnea Association says nocturia can be a symptom of sleep apnea just as much as snoring can be. Read more.

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