SWEET! Yes, Sugar is Part of a Healthy Diet, IF It’s the Right Kind

These sugars actually boost your brain health …

(KATIE HOSIE, THE INDEPENDENT) Most of us know that we need to cut down on sugar – doing so can lower your blood pressure, decrease your risk of heart attack and make you less likely to develop dementia.

Natural sugars found in honey, maple syrup and fruit can help boost your brain health. PHOTO: Davies_Designs (Pixabay)

But according to a physician who specializes in brain health, sugar can have beneficial effects on our brain.

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“Sugar is vital for your brain health – which is the biggest guzzler of the sweet stuff in your body,” Dr. Drew Ramsay wrote for Well + Good.

He explains that our brains use up 400 calories of glucose every day, but that doesn’t mean scoffing two chocolate bars is going to give your brainpower a boost.

It’s all about where you get your sugar from.

Fructose – the sugar found in many artificial, processed foods – isn’t much use to your body.

But natural sugars – those found in honey, maple syrup and fruit, for example – can help boost your brain health.

As with carbs and fat, it’s important not to completely demonize any one food group – a little bit of sugar, if it’s the right kind, can help your brain perform to its best ability. READ THE FULL STORY AT THE INDEPENDENT.