‘Kill Yourself’ Texts Were ‘Free Speech’: Worst Girlfriend Ever

Screenshot: CBS Boston

Her lawyer says she was just exercising ‘free speech’ when she texted to her boyfriend to kill himself 

| Fox News – A woman who encouraged her boyfriend via texting to commit suicide is responsible for his death, Massachusetts’s highest court ruled, upholding her prior conviction of involuntary manslaughter.

Michelle Carter, 22, was convicted for causing the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, who took his own life by filling a truck with carbon monoxide in a deserted parking lot.

“She did absolutely nothing to help him: she did not call for help or tell him to get out of the truck as she listened to him choke and die,” Justice Scott Kafker wrote.

Carter was originally sentenced to 15 months in jail but has remained free while pursuing her appeals.

Carter’s lawyers said the Court’s decision “has very troubling implications, for free speech, due process, and the exercise of prosecutorial discretion …” Read more. 

Prosecutors Move To Have Michelle Carter Start Jail Sentence

TAUNTON. MA (CBS) – The Bristol County District Attorney’s office filed a motion Thursday to have Michelle Carter start serving her 15-month jail sentence.

The woman was convicted in June 2017 for encouraging her suicidal boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself in 2014. A judge found that Carter caused Roy’s death when she told him to “get back in” his truck as it was filling with carbon monoxide in Fairhaven.

The judge at the time stayed Carter’s 15-month jail sentence pending appeal. A motion to revoke the stay of sentence will be heard Monday in Taunton trial court.

The DA’s court filing states, “The evidence at trial and in the pre-sentence report established that the defendant deceived and manipulated not only Conrad Roy for her own purposes, but almost everyone else she came into contact with.” Read more.