“World’s Worst Girlfriend” Gets Early Release For Good Behavior

Joseph Cataldo (left), attorney for Michelle Carter (right), argued that his client was within her rights to encourage her late boyfriend to kill himself. Carter’s 15-month sentence on a manslaughter conviction will be shortened based on ‘good behavior.’

Claimed “Kill Yourself” texts to suicidal boyfriend were free speech

CNN – A woman serving a 15-month sentence for her part in her boyfriend’s death by suicide will leave jail weeks early even after her bid for parole was denied this week by Massachusetts officials.

However, Michelle Carter has earned “good time” that will move up her release to March 13 from May 5.

Inmates can earn as many as 10 days monthly for working at the jail and attending educational and other programs, he said.

Meantime, Carter’s appeal Thursday to be released after serving about half her sentence was denied by a two-member state parole board.

“The (Board) is troubled that Ms. Carter not only encouraged Mr. Conrad (Roy III) to take his own life, she actively prevented others from intervening in his suicide. Ms. Carter’s self-serving statements and behavior, leading up to and after his suicide, appear to be irrational and lacked sincerity,” the board’s decision states.

“Given subject’s behavior in facilitating victim’s death, release not compatible w(ith) best interest of society,” one board member wrote … Read more. 


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