World’s Tiniest Baby Goes Home; 9.5 Oz

Screenshot: CNN

CNN – After five months in a hospital hooked up to machines, the world’s smallest baby boy has gone home.

At the time of his birth in August, the 9.45 oz boy could fit in both palms of an adult’s hands and weighed slightly more than a grapefruit.

A Tokyo hospital delivered the baby through an emergency C-section fearing for his life because his weight stopped increasing at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Since 1936, 23 babies have survived preterm birth worldwide after weighing under 10.58 ounces (300 grams).

An average baby is about 7.3 pounds.

After five months of intensive care, the baby’s weight increased to 7.1 pounds. He is now healthy and was discharged on February 20. Read more.


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