Women Spend Billions on Products Linked to Breast Cancer

What to use instead …

(Tamar Lapin, NY Post) Women who dye their hair often may be at greater risk of breast cancer, a new study has found.


“Hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk,” according to British cancer surgeon. 

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Professor Kefah Mokbel, a London breast cancer surgeon, reviewed studies on hair dyes and breast cancer and found a fourteen percent increase in the disease among women who color their hair.

[In November 2013, The American website Expertscape ranked Prof. Mokbel as the top (No. 1) Breast Expert in London. – Editor]

“Our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk,” his study concluded.

Women should dye their hair only up to five times a year, and use products with natural ingredients, such as beetroot, he suggested. Read the full story at NYPOST.COM. Also of interest: Bethenny Frankel Documents Her Skin Cancer Removal

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