Woman On Life Support After Mexican Nose, Boob Jobs

Why plastic surgery abroad can be dangerous

| Yahoo! – A woman from Texas is on life support after suffering from complications of a plastic surgery procedure she attempted to have done abroad.

Laura Avila traveled to Juarez, Mexico, to have plastic surgery done on her nose, because the procedure costs much less in Mexico than in the U.S., according to a report from New Orleans NBC affiliate WDSU 6.

Avila had complications after she was given anesthesia, and doctors refused to continue with the surgery.

“Laura suffered a cardiac arrest for four minutes,” her sister, Angie Avila, wrote on a GoFundMe page she started to help fund Laura’s medical bills.

“She was then placed into a medically induced coma to prevent further damage to her brain that was caused by the complications she experienced during anesthesia.”

Doctors recently started to slowly take Laura out of the coma, but it’s “too soon to know the state she will be in from the damage she has sustained until she awakens,” Avila wrote. Laura had brain swelling that caused brain damage, she said, and is currently having seizures.

“She had been in an Intensive Care Unit in Mexico for six days before we were allowed to get her back to the U.S.,” Avila continued. “In the event that she wakes up, it is likely she will need to begin physical therapy and rehabilitation for an unforeseen period of time.”

The family is hoping to raise $150,000 to help pay for Laura’s medical bills.

This isn’t the first case of someone suffering serious complications while attempting to have surgery performed abroad.

One unidentified woman traveled to the Dominican Republic to have a tummy tuck and ended up with massive open sores and an antibiotic-resistant infection that left her with a deformed abdomen, per the Chicago Tribune. Read more. 


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