Woman Nearly Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Vagina

Her heartfelt message: never be embarrassed to seek medical care …

(New York Post) A mom-of-three nearly died after a cyst on her groin developed into a deadly flesh-eating bug which attacked her vagina.

Tammy Peel, pictured with her daughter, is warning the public not to be embarrassed to seek medical care for genital problems. Image: Facebook

Tammy Peel, 39, from Essex, England was rushed to the hospital in January where doctors discovered that she was suffering from sepsis along with necrotizing fasciitis – a potentially fatal bacterial infection that affects the tissue beneath the skin.

She had to undergo a four-hour surgery during which tissue from her labia, part of her thigh and around her belly had to be removed to stop the spread of the disease.

Peel had to give up sex for three months while her vagina healed.

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‘My vaginia will never be the same again but I’m learning to work with what I’ve got.’

“The medic said that it was an abscess and they would need to take me into surgery to have it drained.”

During the routine procedure the following day, doctors realized she was suffering from necrotizing fasciitis.

After her surgery, Peel said she woke up “in the most extreme pain ever.”

“A doctor sat me down and told me that they had to remove tissue from all my groin area, right down my leg and up to my belly,” she said.

“I was reeling. I felt as if what defined me as a woman had been completely taken away.”

She said: “It was such a horrible thing to go through. I nearly died and feared that my husband and I might never be able to have sex again.”

“I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I wouldn’t even look at the wound myself.”

By May, Peel had healed enough to have sex again.

“I am so grateful for my husband and everything that he’s put up with over the past few years.”

“My vaginia will never be the same again but I’m learning to work with what I’ve got.” Read the full story at New York Post. Also of interest: Vaginal Bacteria Heightens Chlamydia Risk

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