Willie Nelson, 84, Leaves the Stage; How You Can Avoid The Flu

Willie Nelson abruptly left the stage after being overcome by flu symptoms during his opening number, “Whiskey River,” perhaps to take his own advice: “Whiskey River, don’t run dry; you’re all I’ve got, take care of me.” IMAGE: Bob Tilden, CC

(HEADLINE HEALTH) Concern spread quickly for legendary singer Willie Nelson after he cancelled multiple show dates to battle the flu bug.

Influenza is far more than a nuisance that takes you out of commission for a week.

The flu is a killer, especially of older people.

Taking precautions not to get the flu is a wise move.

Below are details on Willie Nelson’s condition, followed by five top posts on this year’s flu season from Headline Health.



Willie Nelson has the flu, leaves the stage abruptly

(KHOU, Houston) Willie Nelson abruptly ended his concert in San Diego last weekend after coughing and experiencing breathing difficulties.

The 84-year-old music legend left the stage in the midst of concert opener “Whiskey River” and did not return.

He canceled the rest of his concerts for the month.

“Willie has the flu and he will be fine,” said Elaine Schock, Nelson’s longtime publicist. She added that Nelson is recovering at his home in Maui and will be back on the road Feb. 7 to play a show in Macon, Ga.

Full story at KHOU. Featured image: joshbg2k, CC

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