Why Pet Health Care Is So Expensive

Americans willing to spend as much on pets’ health care as their own

August 16, 2019

Benefits Pro – People sure love their pets—enough to go into debt to cover vet bills, often spending more on pet health care than their own health care, according to a LendEDU survey.

Indeed, 24 percent of the 1,000 pet owners polled have gone into credit card or personal loan debt as a result of health/vet costs for their pet.

Those respondents have taken out on average $1,566.96 in debt to cover an emergency surgery or recurring treatments for their pet’s health.

Some pet owners say they have missed bill payments because of their pet expenses, have delayed having children, or have delayed getting married to cover pet expenses.

Moreover, nearly half (46 percent) of all of the respondents say they spend the same or more on their pet’s health care than their own.

“This is incredibly surprising to see, as many Americans might not think about how much they spend on their pet’s health care instead of their own,” the authors write.

“Some possible explanations for this could include people putting their pet first in the order of who gets health and dental appointments, or being neglectful to their own health to the benefit of their pets …” Read more.