“Who Crapped In My Wings?” Fecal Germs at B-Dubs

Javcon117*, CC BY-SA 2.0

Our Super Bowl spread will NOT be coming from Buffalo Wild Wings

| Bloomington, Ind. – More than 900 people took the warning to get vaccinated after an employee at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bloomington, Indiana was diagnosed with hepatitis A.

For three days, the Monroe County Health Department allowed customers of the restaurant to come get a vaccination.

The department said people who ate at the restaurant between January 2 and January 6 could’ve been exposed.

[With the big game coming on Sunday, we’ll be preparing our own wings using fresh chicken from our local family-owned supermarket. It’s easy, and far safer than any take-out or restaurant wings. – Editor]

Since November 2017, the Indiana State Health Department has had 896 outbreak cases, 441 hospitalizations, and two deaths because of hepatitis A.

“The state normally would see like less than 20, so yes it’s been a huge increase. It’s part of that national outbreak,” a spokesperson said.

Buffalo Wild Wings sent FOX59 this statement:

“The Renfro Group, a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise has learned that an employee at their Bloomington, IN location, has become ill with Hepatitis A. We take food safety very seriously and immediately contacted the Monroe County Health Department. The restaurant was closed on the afternoon of January 9 and we instituted a deep cleaning process of the entire restaurant. The restaurant is now open after receiving a clean bill of health from the Health Department inspector.Read more. 



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