What Pornhub Does To Your REAL Sex Life

Pornhub traffic rises 27% in one year

| What does daily porn use mean for our real sex lives? 

Newsweek – In 2016, 64 million people visited Pornhub on a daily basis. In 2017, it leapt to 81 million people consuming over four billion hours of footage.

This rise in porn consumption is leading to what some are calling a new type of addiction, where an unhealthy dependence on explicit materials is leading sufferers to struggle to form relationships with other people.

London psychosexual therapist Dr. Angela Gregory tells Newsweek that the accessibility of online porn means young people are encountering sexual imagery much earlier in life than they did in the past:

“You had a much slower awakening in terms of finding out more about sex and relationships and sexual practices because there wasn’t anything available.” 

“Now you don’t need to go to the living room and wait for the parents to go to bed or wait until you are on your own to access it. Today you have your smartphones and you can be anywhere.”

‘Shame and pleasure’

Erica Garza, a former porn addict and author of the memoir Getting Off, was only 12 years old when she masturbated for the first time.

She tells Newsweek:

“I found it thrilling but I was also very scared because I never heard anybody talking about masturbation, never heard anybody talking about sex. So it seemed to be this mystery that I stumbled upon but I knew I liked it.” 

From that point onwards, the now 35-year-old used sex as a way to find shelter from the pain of the real world, from being bullied at school to not receiving attention from her parents.

“I didn’t want to feel the insecurity, I didn’t want to feel the loneliness, I didn’t want to feel the rejection that I felt every day. So I just masturbated and watched porn and all I had to feel was the pleasure between my legs.”

Garza was born into a middle-class Mexican family and attended a Catholic school … Read more.