What NEVER To Eat On An Airplane, Part II

Skip the pasta, order the stew!

Flight attendants’ secrets to mile-high dining

Sky Chef admits: Taste is NOT the top priority (but that may actually be a good thing) 

(Zoe Li, CNN) If you need one golden strategy for ordering your in-flight meal, it’s this: always order the stew.

If the stew’s not available, go for fried rice and fatty fish. Pasta, noodles, chicken breast or anything deep-fried does not fare so well in the harsh conditions of the aircraft galley.

These recommendations come straight from the people tasked with making the millions of meals served in-flight every day, such as Fritz Gross, director of culinary excellence at LSG Sky Chefs Asia Pacific.

As the guy in charge of LSG Sky Chefs’ Hong Kong operation, which churns out 30,000 meals daily for airlines such as DragonAir, United Airlines and British Airways, Gross’ challenge is a tough one: serve hundreds of people quality meals, but do so with no knives, no any fancy equipment, and with no fresh ingredients at the point of service.

The result — Gross’ kitchen is run more like a factory than a restaurant, and his biggest worry has nothing to do with how good the food tastes.

“Our top concern is actually food safety,” says Gross. “Because we do such a large volume, we cannot afford to have things in there that are not right. You can imagine how easily an airline can get sued.”

So medium-rare steaks are out. Fish and chicken must be cooked to the right temperature. “We just can’t have any risk,” says Gross.

After ensuring the food won’t make people sick, Gross’ next priority is consistency. Read the full story at CNN Travel. Image: Pat Guiney, CC BY 2.0.

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