“What is Trump Hiding About His Health?” WaPo

(Headline Health) Is Donald Trump really “hiding [something] about his health?”

Or is the Washington Post simply trying to revive a story that should have been put to rest by the results of the presidential physical Trump submitted in January?

An editorial published earlier this month suggests that Trump’s opponents just can’t let it go …

Washington Post Editorial Board |

“AN ABSURD gastroenterologist’s note that is so short on specifics and long on hyperbole that it sounds like Mr. Trump could have written it himself.”

That was our description of the 2015 letter from Donald Trump’s personal physician attesting to the then-presidential candidate’s good health.

So we can’t say we are completely surprised by the doctor’s recent admission that it was Mr. Trump who dictated the letter.

It is nonetheless completely unacceptable that Mr. Trump sought to assuage public concerns about his health and age by faking a letter from his doctor.

That he did so while simultaneously faulting rival Hillary Clinton for an alleged lack of transparency about her health makes his actions all the more contemptible.

Harold Bornstein, who served as Mr. Trump’s physician for more than three decades, disclosed this week that the letter declaring Mr. Trump will be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” was not, as he had previously maintained, written by him.

“He dictated that whole letter. I didn’t write that letter,” he told CNN after recounting to NBC how three men representing Mr. Trump — including his longtime personal bodyguard — raided his medical offices in February 2017 and seized the president’s medical records.

Mr. Trump reportedly was upset that Dr. Bornstein had talked publicly about the president’s use of a drug to combat hair loss.

Clearly, Dr. Bornstein, a somewhat eccentric figure who has become the butt of late-night jokes, needs to account for his complicity in passing off Mr. Trump’s medical assessment as his own.

The bizarre circumstances surrounding the retrieval of Mr. Trump’s medical records also raise questions that deserve attention.

The larger concerns, though, center on Mr. Trump’s actions, the issues they raise about his fitness for office and the need for a system that gives voters full and reliable information about the health and well-being of those who seek the country’s highest office.

Why the deception? Was there something to hide? …

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