We’re Learning More About Whoopi’s Near-Death Condition

“Yes, I came very close to leaving the earth” – Whoopi Goldberg

| Joy Behar denies “Internet conspiracy theories” about co-star’s failing health

By Sierra Jackson, Mar 8, 2019

NECN – Despite a recent near-death experience, “The View” co-star and comedian Whoopi Goldberg is still giving her fans a reason to laugh.

During Friday’s episode of the ABC talk show, Goldberg announced that’s she’s been absent from the five-member panel because she developed pneumonia in both lungs and was septic.

Goldberg has been absent from the talk show, which she co-hosts, since Feb. 6. She did not say when she’ll be back.

“Yes, I came very close to leaving the earth,” Goldberg said from her sofa via a video message. “Good news, I didn’t.”

Joy Behar revealed her fellow cast member’s illness during the Feb. 20 episode when fans began to question her absence, People reported.

Rumors also circled that Goldberg was secretly preparing to host the Academy Awards for the fifth time. Bill Cosby Prepared To Die Alone, In Prison

“There are all these conspiracy theories on the Internet that she’s not really sick and she’s secretly preparing to host the Oscars,” Behar said. “She’s not even well enough to host this show right now, let alone the Oscars.” Read more. 

Whoopi Goldberg: Why She Nearly Died From Pneumonia

By Bruce Y. Lee, Forbes

Mar 9, 2019

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg has been out of The View and out of view in general.

This prompted some conspiracy theories on social media such as:

Peter Knegt
Whoopi Goldberg’s absence from The View (she’s sick, they say) since the day after they announced her as an Oscar presenter+the fact that she’s the only previous Oscar host listed as a presenter+she openly said on The View in January that she’d be up for hosting=???

Conspiracy theories on social media? Imagine that. It turns out that this hosting speculation was a host of bleep. Goldberg was indeed sick, in fact very sick, according to her recent remote appearance on the The View.

Yes, the 63-year-old said that she had “pneumonia in both lungs, which meant there was fluid and there was all kinds of stuff going on.” Oh, and the “I came very, very close to leaving the earth” was not good, because she wasn’t talking about boarding the next Space X rocket.

Pneumonia occurs when your lungs get infected with bacteria, viruses, or some other type of microorganism and subsequently become inflamed and filled with fluid.

This can make it difficult for your lungs to do their job: provide oxygen to your blood and remove carbon dioxide from your blood.

According to the American Thoracic Society, pneumonia is the most common reason why adults in the U.S. have to be admitted to hospital besides giving birth with about a million admissions occurring each year.

Pneumonia claims the lives of around 50,000 adults annually. While the advent of antibiotics helped significantly improve survival for those with pneumonia, things have not really gotten that much better over the past several decades … Read more. 



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