“We saw a tapeworm, we were like, ‘YES!’ We were so happy”

Rachel Palma, 42, from Middletown, N.Y., had a parasite living in her brain. (Courtesy of Rachel Palma)

NY Woman: “I was grossed out” when doctor told her the cause of her headaches

By Jack Phillips, June 7, 2019

| Epoch Times – Doctors in New York City’s Mount Sinai hospital said a 42-year-old patient was suffering from a brain tumor, but instead, they discovered a baby tapeworm inside her head.

When they went to operate on Rachel Palma, one of the surgeons said they found something that looked like a “quail egg” in her head.

“It was very shocking,” the surgeon told The Washington Post. “We were scratching our heads, surprised at what it looked like.”

They removed the organic mass from her head, cut it open, and placed it under a microscope. They realized it was a tapeworm.

According to the Post, she was diagnosed with neurocysticercosis, which is caused by the Taenia solium tapeworm.

While disgusting, Palma, of Middletown, NewYork, said she was happy that it wasn’t a cancerous growth, which would require far more treatment.

“Of course I was grossed out,” Palma told the news outlet. “But of course, I was also relieved. It meant that no further treatment was necessary.”

Palma said she was suffering from insomnia, nightmares, and other symptoms. She also suffered from hallucinations.

In January 2018, her symptoms got worse and had trouble holding items in her hands. Once, she recalled, she dropped a coffee mug on the floor.

Palma also suffered the loss of dexterity in her fingers and couldn’t text people, so she had to call them.

Then, confusion set in for her. She showed up to work one day without her uniform, locked herself out of her house, and couldn’t make sense of words.

Ultimately, she went to see a doctor at Mount Sinai, and they discovered a mass in her left frontal lobe near her speech center. They mistakenly thought it was a tumor …

Dr. Jonathan Rasouli, the chief neurosurgery resident at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, said. Newsweek quoted him as saying:

“We were, like, overjoyed. We were, like, cheering and clapping. We were so happy…When we got in there and saw that it was a tapeworm, we were like, ‘YES!’ We were so happy” 

Rasouli added, “It was one of those rare situations where you see a parasite and you’re like, wow this is great!” Read more.