Want to boost your sex drive? Start your day with these foods

These breakfast foods can help boost your libido … 

(Nupur Jha, IBT) The foods you eat also have a direct impact on your hormones, which affects your mood to get intimate.

A traditional Irish breakfast of salmon and eggs can boost your vitamin D levels as well as your libido. Add lemons for vitamin C and tomatoes for lycopene and you’ve got a sexual health power breakfast. Image: Benreis, CC

According to nutritionists, you can enhance your libido by having foods rich in vitamin D for breakfast.

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Studies reveal that vitamin D impacts the levels of estrogen and testosterone in women and men, respectively.

Here’s what you should have in your breakfast to boost your vitamin D levels and your libido:

1. Oily fish

Mackerel, salmon and other oily fish great sources of vitamin D.

In places where it’s hard to get this vitamin because of limited sunlight, consuming a portion or two of oily fish on a weekly basis can help boost sex drive.

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the only plant source containing vitamin D. Add them to your morning eggs for a high potency breakfast. 

3. Eggs

Apart from being a rich source of proteins, eggs also provide various vitamins and minerals found in the yolk. [Two eggs provide 100 IU’s of vitamin D, or about one-fourth of the minimum daily recommendation. – Editor]

4. Fortified breakfast cereals

Fortified cereals like Kellogg’s Special K and Quaker Oats have vitamin D. Consuming them with or fortified milk accompanied with a glass of orange juice will help you maintain the right levels of vitamin D and enhance your libido. Read the full story at International Business Times. Also of interest: Frequent Sex Boosts Brain Power in Older Adults