Want a healthy heart? Have sex

Make the most of the weekend and get some action, for the sake of your heart.

(The Health Site) It’s the weekend and you are extremely glad to be de-stressing with your loved from a hard work week.

That means it’s a great time to have sex.

But you know what? You should have sex frequently for a healthy heart.

Headline Health “NSFW” Weekend Edition While we don’t publish images that are “not safe for work,” some health content is most appropriate to be viewed in private, so we’re saving it for the weekend. Notice: some links to original sources many contain images meant for adults only; reader discretion is strongly advised. 

Sex saves you from a heart attack

Everybody knows that when you are highly stressed, the hormones that are released constrict the blood vessels and increase your risk of heart attack. This means if you are less stressed, you will, in turn, lower the chances of a heart attack.

Sex lets you sleep better

Orgasm is a great sleep booster. ALSO … Sex Does THIS To Your Brain

Oxytocin is otherwise called the ‘cuddle hormone’ and it is released in adequate amounts during sex. This hormone has a relaxing effect and helps to reduce blood pressure.

Oxytocin also has an anti-anxiety effect and acts as a stress buster.

Helps you to lose weight

Severely obese persons are six times more likely to develop a heart disease.

So how about romping in the bedroom to lose weight?

The calories you burn during sex will vary depending on length and intensity. But most estimates suggest that you burn roughly 85-100 calories during intercourse.

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