Reforming VA Healthcare: What Trump Faces

(HEADLINE HEALTH) Today we observe Veterans Day.

Army Air Corps Lt. Allan C. Johnson, 96, earned a Purple Heart for injuries sustained on December 26, 1944  during an Allied bombing mission in preparation for the liberation of Auschwitz. He’s among hundreds of thousands of veterans who rely on the VA for key components of their healthcare.

It’s not only a day to pay our respects to those who served, but to take measure of the benefits and services that we, as beneficiaries of their service, provide back to them when they need us the most.

Veterans Health Failure

(Chris Edwards, Cato Institute) Why is there so much fail in the federal government?

And why do veterans – who fought and bled for our country and deserve our very best – bear an undue burden for this mismanagement?

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An investigation by USA TODAY reveals gross, entrenched mismanagement in the Department of Veterans Affairs:

… the VA—the nation’s largest employer of health care workers—has for years concealed mistakes and misdeeds by staff entrusted with the care of veterans.

In some cases, agency managers do not report troubled practitioners. The agency also failed to ensure VA hospitals reported disciplined providers to state licensing boards.

In other cases, veterans’ hospitals signed secret deals with dozens of doctors, nurses and health care workers that included promises to conceal serious mistakes—from inappropriate relationships and breakdowns in supervision to dangerous medical errors.

This study discussed how the public sector lacks transparency:

Each year, the agency fires hundreds of medical workers and pays out hundreds of malpractice claims. The providers’ names remain secret. READ THE FULL STORY AT CATO.ORG.