Vaccine Skeptics Appointed To New State Health Council

The Hill – Two vaccine skeptics have been appointed to a new Minnesota state council on autism, alarming public health advocates who worry they will promote the hoax linking vaccines to autism.

The MN Autism Council, formed last year by Republican state Sen. Jim Abeler, was aimed at advising the Minnesota Legislature on autism and public policy. But the makeup of the council is raising concerns, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Thursday.

Two of the more than 30 members on the council are well-known members of the anti-vaccination movement.

Wayne Rohde, co-founder of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, was one of the initial three members selected by Abeler to form the group. Is Minnesota TB Outbreak Due To Immigration?

People who question the safety of vaccines are “quickly marginalized” as “anti-vax,” Rohde told the Star Tribune.

His son is on the autism spectrum and although Rohde wishes to defend a parent’s decision not to vaccinate their children, he said that topic will not be discussed in the MN Autism Council.

“We’re not about causation within the council. The council is all about how to deal and help those who are afflicted, and their families and those who provide services,” said Rohde. Rep.-Elect Links Vaccines To Autism

The modern anti-vaccination movement has persisted despite research debunking the myth that vaccines are linked to autism.

The World Health Organization has listed “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the 10 threats to global health in 2019, specifically noting a 30 percent rise of measles cases. Read more. 



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