‘Unprecedented’ Number of African Virus Carriers in US

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile in record numbers

| Suffolk, Va., WAVY – There are five times the number of mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus this season than any other year in recent history, according to Suffolk Mosquito Control.

“It’s not something we have ever seen,” said Charles Abadam, superintendent. “This has the possibility of alarming a lot of people. That’s good and that’s bad.”

Abadam, who has worked in Suffolk for 12 years, says he wants residents to take precautions – use bug spray, wear loose and long clothing and dump standing water – but he does not want residents to be scared to go outside.

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“It does affect everyone’s way of life,” he said. “You can’t enjoy outside if you are getting bit up by mosquitoes, but I want to make sure that people know that not all mosquitos are vectors of diseases.”

In fact, he says biologists regularly analyze 30 species of mosquitoes, but only the Culex pipiens species is testing positive for West Nile virus.

Abadam says the spike in West Nile virus comes as his team increases testing around the western part of downtown, where mosquitoes are most prevalent in the city.

In June, the city issued a public notice about mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). Read the full story at WAVY. 

Elsewhere … 

West Nile virus-carrying mosquitoes detected in Wilbraham, Massachusetts

By Jim Russell, Special to The Republican

WILBRAHAM — West Nile virus-carrying mosquitoes have been detected in the community, the town administrator said in a statement released on Friday.

The statement said the municipality was notified of the test results from the state Department of Public Health.

The administrator urged residents to take precautions by using repellent with deet, avoiding outdoor activities at the peek times from sunset to sunrise, and wear protective clothing including long-sleeved shirts and pants that cover the legs. Full story on masslive.com. 

Officials confirm human case of West Nile virus in Nashville

A day after announcing that a batch of mosquitoes in Nashville tested positive for West Nile virus, public health officials confirmed that one human case of the viral infection has been confirmed.

According to the Metro Public Health Department, the individual had traveled outside Tennessee before becoming ill, and it’s possible the virus was contracted while traveling.

Mosquitoes trapped in North Nashville, however, have tested positive for the virus.

The health department’s pest management staff visited the neighborhood Wednesday to pass out educational materials on mosquito protection and prevention and to monitor standing water for mosquito larvae. Read the full story at tennessean.com. 


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