Unhealthy Products To Throw Away Immediately

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5 Risky Objects You Need To Throw Away Right Now

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1. Pancake Mix

Pancake mix can actually become dangerous under the wrong conditions.

Packaged pancake mixes can attract mold, ruining the taste of the pancake—oh, and potentially threatening your life.

There’s another good reason to throw out the pancake mix:

It’s incredibly easy to make at home, since it’s just baking soda, baking powder, sugar, salt, and flour. Plus, homemade pancakes easily beat the “just add water” stuff.

(Our take: when you open a new box of pancake mix, immediately transfer the contents to a large zip lock bag. Check the mix each time you use it for signs of mold, insects, or caking; when in doubt, throw it out. Use the contents within six months, otherwise, toss it and start over; a 96 oz box of Bisquick is under $7 at Walmart. – Editor)

2. Potatoes

Green potatoes probably won’t kill you. However, they don’t taste great, and they’re not great for you.

Potatoes can be deadly in extreme circumstances. In 2013, the Daily Mail reported on a family that died after being poisoned by fumes from rotten potatoes, noting that the family had stored hundreds of spuds for the winter in a damp cellar.

If your potatoes have turned green and sprouted, it’s time to get rid of them. Purple Potatoes Prevent Polyps?

3. Some (But Not All) Expired Medications

Contrary to popular belief, most expired medications aren’t dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies only guarantee the full potency of medications up to the date of expiration; past that point, the medicine will probably become slightly less effective, but it won’t suddenly become toxic.

Still, there are exceptions. Tetracycline, epinephrine, insulin, anticonvulsants, eye drops, and many psychiatric drugs have strict expiration dates and should be immediately discarded when they’re expired. Medicine Cabinet Makeover | Risks From Expired Rx

4. Expired Makeup and Skin Products

For some skin products, active ingredients can stop functioning after a while. That could be a big deal if, say, the product is sunscreen—as the SPF degrades, so does your protection from harmful UV rays. If you’re counting on that protection, you could end up with a sunburn (and getting a sunburn once every 2 years can triple your risk of melanoma). Melanoma Warning Signs

5. Old Toothbrushes

According to the American Dental Association, we should replace our toothbrushes every three to four months, but if you notice your brush’s bristles fraying and changing color, it’s time to get a new one. Old brushes might feel like they’re working, but they’re not doing a great job of keeping your teeth clean. Read the full list. 

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