Two Hidden Cancer Causes

Scientists connect the dots, point the way to lower cancer risk … 

(NICHOLAS BAKALARDEC, NEW YORK TIMES) Does a widening waistline put you at risk for cancer? Apparently so.

Researchers are looking at the link between diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Your reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle keep growing. 

Researchers found that in 2012, diabetes and a Body Mass Index above 25 were independent risk factors for 792,600 new cases of cancer.

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Among the cancers associated with diabetes and high BMI were tumors of the colon, gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

Obesity and diabetes weren’t the only causes of these cancers, but the conditions played a role.

High BMI was associated with about twice as many cases of colorectal cancer as diabetes, and nearly three times as many cases of breast and endometrial cancers.

Diabetes was not associated with kidney cancer at all, but high BMI was linked to about a fifth of kidney cancer cases.

High BMI and diabetes combined accounted for 38 percent of endometrial cancers. In men, the two conditions combined accounted for 23 percent of liver cancers.

Diabetes and obesity are increasing worldwide, and the researchers project that cancers, particularly those of the gallbladder, liver and endometrium, will rise as well.

Unless diabetes and obesity are much better controlled, the growth in cancers will be significant.

“By 2035, there could be a 20 percent increase in men’s cancer and a 30 percent increase for women,” Dr. Pearson-Stuttard said. Read the full story at The New York Times.

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