Twice-A-Week Food Cuts Dementia Risk IN HALF

“Brain food” for seniors


  • A six-year study suggests that seniors may have 50% lower odds of experiencing mild cognitive decline simply by eating more than two portions of mushrooms a week.
  • Furthermore, even just one small portion of mushrooms a week could prove beneficial and reduce these odds.
  • The research team reached this conclusion after analyzing data from more than 600 seniors, which included their medical history, psychological factors, dietary factors, height and weight, cognition and additional factors.
  • The team noted that six mushrooms in specific were commonly eaten by these seniors: shiitake, golden, oyster, white button, dried, and canned.
  • They believe that a specific antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, ergothioneine, leads to these cognitive benefits and hope to soon identify other dietary factors that can improve or support brain health in seniors.

Quick Summary

A new study  – “The association between mushroom consumption and mild cognitive impairment: A community-based cross-sectional study in Singapore” – from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS) says that seniors who eat more than two standard portions of mushrooms each week may have 50% reduced odds of experiencing mild cognitive decline.

Furthermore, even just one small portion of mushrooms a week may help to reduce these odds.

Researchers describe a standard portion size as ¾ of a cup of cooked mushrooms, which weigh around 150 grams.

Two standard portions are equal to about half a plate. Read more. 



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