Turkey Poop Ruins Family Christmas

3-day cleanup after wild tom wreaks havoc inside local home; “It did $6-7,000 in damages”

| Necia P. Seamons, Preston (Idaho) Citizen, Dec 25, 2018

| Randy and Shirlene Halford have a story few people can tell.

“We were tending grandkids and came back and it was in our house,” said Randy. “It did $6-7,000 in damages. It broke a window, tore the blinds and some drapes, soiled the carpets and furniture and knocked a lot of stuff off the Christmas tree.”

Randy and Shirlene tried chasing the bird out of the house, but it flew up onto a perch, then tried flying through a kitchen window.

The collision knocked it out and Randy was able to take it outside. The bird ran off when it regained consciousness.

“We had to call a restoration company,” said Shirlene.

The workers were up there three days cleaning and sanitizing, she said. The kitchen toaster had feathers on it.

An electric train and track around the tree was knocked around and covered with turkey poop, as were the floors, furniture and kitchen counters.

Insurance is paying for little of the damages.

“Our insurance isn’t covering much, because they don’t cover damages from domestic animals. When we said, ‘What about a wild turkey?’ the company said, ‘Well its a bird, and we don’t cover birds.”

“That is the second turkey that I know of that has flown through a window this winter,” said Marritt Horsmon, of the Idaho Fish and Game. Read more. 


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