‘Turbo Flu Shot’ Coming Soon – But Is It More Effective?

4X stronger vaccine to be rolled out in Australia after deaths in ‘horror season’

(HEADLINE HEALTH) While many steps are open an individual to significantly boost their immunity and reduce their exposure to the flu virus, government health authorities continue to push flu shots as a one-size-fits-all solution from central planners.  

Will ‘turbo-charging’ the flu shot with four times as many antigens actually work? 

Yet government-backed flu shot programs have failed to prevent outbreaks such as the ‘horror season’ that swept over Australia this year.

Officials have little to offer but more potent vaccines – what are now being called ‘turbo shots.’

News stories such as the one below highlight the importance of taking personal responsibility to increase your immunity and reduce your exposure to the influenza virus.

Headline Health has shared numerous articles on the topic of cold and flu and will continue to do so throughout the season ahead.  

Turbo influenza vaccine to be rolled out in Australia after deaths in horror season

(Renee Viellaris, The Courier-Mail) A TURBO-charged flu vaccine will be rolled out within months under plans to prevent another horror flu season such as this year’s, which has claimed lives across Australia. [Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, their flu season comes six months before North America’s. U.S. health authorities keep a close eye on Australia in preparing for the flu season, which officially began Oct. 1. – Editor]

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It comes as the Australian Medical Association has in part blamed the Australian psyche, and its “she’ll be right” attitude, for the shocking outbreak.

In an exclusive interview with The Courier-Mail, Health Minister Greg Hunt said in-principle agreements had been reached with two companies to provide stronger flu shots that would target older Australians, who have borne the brunt of this season’s influenza outbreak.

Negotiations have been ongoing for months with pharma giants Seqirus and Sanofi Pasteur, which have applications before regulator theAustralian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Seqirus will produce FLUAD, which contains an immune enhancing (adjuvant) ingredient.

Sanofi Pasteur will produce Fluzone High Dose, which contains four times the antigen of a standard seasonal influenza vaccine.

If strict protocols are met, the drugs will be ready from April, when most Australians receive their flu shot.
Mr. Hunt said the Commonwealth was doing “everything in our power to protect and save lives next year when the flu season hits”.

“Alongside Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy, I have been working behind the scenes for many months to secure a stronger and more effective flu vaccine. Read the full story at The Courier-Mail. Also of interest: Two Words If You Get The Flu: STAY HOME