96-Yr-Old Granny Gets 5-Min. TSA Body Search

Video of TSA goons groping 96-year-old wheelchair user gets 9 million views, sparks outrage

(Fox News) Many are livid over a now-viral video of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials patting down a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair at Washington Dulles International Airport in a six-minute screening being described as “totally disgusting” and “uncalled for” on Facebook.

On May 15, Jeanne LaBrier Clarkson shared the six-minute clip to the social network of her nonagenarian mother, Evelyn LaBrier, being screened in her wheelchair by two female TSA security agents at the Virginia airport…

“The 3 of us were all in wheelchairs. Only my 96-year-old mother was subjected to this prolonged, repetitive search,” Clarkson captioned the clip, which has since been viewed nearly 9 million times and has sparked heated debate.

In the footage, the two TSA staffers politely explain the search to LaBrier as they screen her, asking her to remove her windbreaker before giving her a full pat down from her hair to her sneakers, asking her to redistribute her weight at one point so that an officer can inspect underneath her…

“I am my mother’s legal guardian and responsible for her well-being. I went through security. When I saw that they had pulled Mother aside to search her. I tried asking why. They ignored me,” Clarkson recalled, the Washington Post reports.

“That upset me so I began videoing what they were doing to document my complaint that I intended to file.”

“I have traveled extensively and never seen anything like this. Mother had traveled with me before and never been groped like that!” she added… Original Source


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