Trump’s New Rule Kicks 700,000 Able-Bodied Adults Off Food Stamps

Dec. 5, 2019 |

Grocery Dive  – The USDA has finalized a new rule that tightens work requirements for able bodied adults without dependents to participate in SNAP — a move that would drop nearly 700,000 individuals from the program, according to the agency.​ ​

According to the USDA, 36 million Americans are receiving SNAP benefits in 2019 while the unemployment rate is at 3.6%.

The final rule applies to adults aged 18 to 49. It does not apply to children and their parents, people over 50 years old, pregnant women or disabled individuals.

The ruling also tightens requirements for states to apply for a waiver to keep recipients enrolled in the program …

SNAP benefits are widely accepted among grocers, convenience stores, farmers markets and discount stores.

Under a two-year USDA pilot program, SNAP is also accepted for online grocery purchases at Amazon, Walmart and ShopRite in participating locations. Walmart recently made its pickup orders eligible for SNAP purchases.

In New York, The Fund for Public Health in New York City is partnering with local grocer Fine Fare and technology company STCR to incentivize produce purchases among SNAP recipients.

According to a press release sent to Grocery Dive, SNAP recipients who use their benefits to buy eligible produce and beans will receive an additional dollar for each dollar spent to buy more produce, allowing up to $50 more in produce per day.

The USDA has approved the funding for the program.

In July, the USDA proposed an additional change to close a loophole in the SNAP program that allowed states to bypass important eligibility guidelines. About 3 million SNAP recipients would lose benefits under the proposed change.

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