Trump’s ‘Bone Spurs’: Believable or BS? | IMAGES

War of words over Trump’s draft deferment 

Do Donald Trump’s bone spurs really prevent him from walking long distances?

(Michael D’Antonio, CNN) Donald Trump is the most famous bone spur victim in the world.

I should know — I saw his foot when I questioned him about the real reason for his deferment from the military during the Vietnam War.

And that’s why I have little doubt about whom Sen. John McCain was talking in his C-SPAN interview on Sunday.

The bone spur story is something I discussed with Trump when I interviewed him in 2015 … 


2015 Interview with Donald Trump About His ‘Bone Spurs’

Interviewer: So you did have a medical deferment. What was it for?

Donald Trump: The medical deferment is feet.

Interviewer: So what was going on with your feet?

Donald Trump: I have spurs on the back of my feet, which at the time, prevented me from walking long distances.

Interviewer: So you couldn’t march?

Donald Trump: It would have been very difficult to march long distances. Very healthy, but in the back, in fact it is here. You can see it on both feet. I have spurs.

As he explained his condition, the man who would become president took off his shoes and pointed at his right heel.

He asked me to take a look for bumps, which I didn’t actually see, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

In our interview, I thought matters were settled and that he had acknowledged the truth, but very little stays settled where Trump is concerned. After our interview, then-candidate Trump revisited the topic and reverted to his old story –

“I had a minor medical deferment for feet, for a bone spur of the foot, which was minor,” he said.

“I was fortunate, in a sense, because I was not a believer in the Vietnam War. … But I was entered into the draft and I got a very, very high draft number.” Read the full story at CNN. Also of interest: Trump Boots Insurers Off the Federal Gravy Train