VINDICATION: One in Four Illegals Found To Be Mentally Ill


(Headline Health) The mainstream media had a full blown meltdown when candidate Donald J. Trump dared to say of illegal immigration, “Mexico is not sending us their best.” Some even stooped so low as to label Trump as well as his supporters as racists. 

Trump’s opponents had a meltdown when he said on the campaign trail, “Mexico is not sending us their best.” Now comes total vindication from university research – one in four illegals from Mexico is mentally ill. PHOTO: Gage Skidmore

Now a university study offers the most compelling evidence yet that Trump was right; fully one in four undocumented Mexican immigrants living near the California-Mexico is mentally ill, researchers found.

Conservative estimates place the number of undocumented immigrants in the country at eleven million, meaning that some 2.75 million mentally ill illegals are in our midst. University study details below … 

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One in Four Illegal Aliens Is Mentally Ill, Study Finds

(Daniel Steingold, Undocumented Mexican immigrants living near the California-Mexico border experience increased rates of clinical depression and anxiety, a new study finds.

Researchers at Rice University examined the incidence of mental illnesses and substance abuse among individuals within this stressed population.

The study finds that nearly a quarter of undocumented immigrants are battling depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder.

Fourteen percent of the study’s participants were found to have major depressive disorder (MDD), while eight and seven percent had panic or generalized anxiety disorders, respectively.

Some were determined to have suffered from multiple conditions concurrently.

“The estimates obtained in this study for depression and anxiety disorders were considerably higher in this population when compared with estimates for the general U.S. population,” says lead author Luz Garcini in a university news release.

Namely, one major study shows that seven percent of Americans suffer from MDD, while three percent suffer from a panic or anxiety-related disorder.

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