Trump: Stop Pandering to “Transgender” Convicts

Trump continues undoing Obama’s “legacy”

(Christal Hayes, U S A TODAY) The Bureau of Prisons rolled back some measures on Friday that helped prevent transgender prisoners from being harassed, assaulted, and sexually abused.

The rules, posted just two days before President Trump’s inauguration, laid out a number of guidelines for how prisons and guards should treat transgender inmates.

The manual instructed prisons to “recommend housing by gender identity when appropriate.” Now, under President Trump, some of the policies have been altered, according to an updated manual posted to the Bureau of Prisons website Friday.

Officials will now use “biological sex as the initial determination” for where transgender inmates are housed.

The line recommending housing by gender equality was struck out and highlighted.

The new policy notes “the designation to a facility of the inmate’s identified gender would be appropriate only in rare cases.”

Obama’s special rules for “transgender” federal prisoners have been cancelled by Donald Trump.

The guide says “health” and safety” of the inmate should be considered when deciding where they will be housed.

Transgender inmates face a higher rate of sexual assault than other inmates, according to a study.

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