Trump Taking On Obamacare With Sense Of Purpose

The Lowell Sun | Opinion – President Trump wants to offer Americans who can’t afford the Affordable Care Act’s health-care premiums a cheaper alternative, but detractors say it’s just a ploy to further weaken ObamaCare, the former president’s signature policy achievement.

Is anyone surprised that a basic pocketbook issue must be viewed through a blue-state, red-state lens?

The administration has now allowed insurers to sell short-term health plans, so that individuals struggling to pay for the more expensive Obama-mandated policies have another option besides dropping insurance altogether.

The administration estimates that these plans’ premiums could be about one-third the cost of comprehensive coverage.

That could mean a savings of more than $300 a month over a standard ObamaCare plan.

Obviously, less coverage comes with these lower-priced health plans. These policies offer limited benefits and may not honor existing medical conditions.

It’s plain these policies aren’t for everyone, and they don’t claim to be.

But they do fill a niche market for people who are generally in good health, have a moderate-income and who need short-term health insurance.

It also makes sense for people needing temporary coverage due to changing situations, like a new job; retiring before Medicare eligibility; or no longer qualifying for coverage under their parents’ plan.

Administration officials have indicated these plans can range up to 12 months and be possibly renewed for up to 36 months, though there’s no federal guarantee that will occur.

While critics will try to paint this initiative as just another Trump maneuver to undercut ObamaCare, it’s clearly designed for people who don’t qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies based on their income.

That segment of previously uninsured Americans, as well as younger, healthier individuals, clearly are the main beneficiaries of the Trump tax measure that did away with the monetary penalty for not carrying insurance. Read more: Lowell Sun


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