Are trendy health foods worth the hype?

The pros and cons explained . . . . .

(ABC NEWS) Registered dietitian nutritionist Maya Feller broke down the pros and cons for some of today’s most hyped-up foods.

Acai bowls

Pros: Acai berries alone are a great addition to your diet, according to Feller. The berries are packed with Vitamin A, fiber and mono-saturated fatty acids.

Almond milk is naturally low in saturated fats, has no dietary cholesterol. Photo by JeepersMedia

Cons: Some acai bowls can be packed with huge amounts of sugar–some bowls may even contain upwards of 50 grams–from the pureed acai berry, additional fruit toppings, granola and even honey or agave.

Feller recommends the healthiest way to consume an acai bowl is to skip the store bought varieties and make it yourself at home. You can still use acai berry puree, but reduce or adjust the amount you use and add more fresh fruits.

Almond milk 

Pros: Almond milk is naturally low in saturated fats, has no dietary cholesterol, and is a lower-calorie alternative when compared to many other non-dairy beverages.

Cons: Many conventional almond milks can have more than the recommended amounts of added sugars, fats, salts, gums and stabilizers such as carrageenan. Recent studies have linked consumption of carrageenan with various adverse health outcomes, according to Feller.

Almonds alone boast many nutritional benefits, including being a good source of plant based protein in addition to being naturally low in sugar.

Veggie sticks

Pros: Feller says the pros of these trendy snack foods are that they are a shelf-stable, healthier, alternative to many fried, potato-based, snack foods.

Cons: These snacks should not be consumed in place of actual vegetables, according to Feller, who also advised that most veggie sticks may contain mostly potato flour and/or potato starch. Although they may be advertised as “veggie” snacks, they do not provide the same nutritional benefits. READ THE FULL STORY AT ABC NEWS.