Tourists: ‘We got hepatitis-A on San Diego vacation’

(Headline Health) San Diego is popular for its glorious beaches, the best weather in the U.S., and a bustling historic district known for its great nightlife, making it one of the nation’s top tourist destinations.

San Diego, one of America’s most beautiful cities, is experiencing a prolonged outbreak of hepatitis. 

However the city has also become emblematic of the Golden State’s cultural meltdown and failed public policies; homelessness is a ‘right,’ as is any type of sexual activity between consenting adults. By order of the mayor, the municipality is a de facto sanctuary city.

The end result is a staggering human toll of public squalor, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases.

CBS News recently reported on one tragic outcome of San Diego’s public health nightmare …

Tourists say they contracted hepatitis A on trip to San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Two tourists from Utah who visited San Diego this summer say they believe they contracted hepatitis A on their trip.

The pair told the San Diego Union Tribune that they were in San Diego in August.

They both were diagnosed with the liver-damaging virus a month later.

One was hospitalized for four days. The told the newspaper his eyes and skin turned yellow and doctors told him he was nearing liver failure. A third friend traveling with them had been vaccinated and did not get sick.

San Diego County is battling the worst hepatitis A outbreak seen in the United States in decades. So far, 20 people – most of whom were homeless – have died in the past year and hundreds of cases have been confirmed. READ THE FULL STORY AT CBS NEWS. Also of interest: Deadly Hepatitis-A Spreads California-Wide