Tom Brady’s New Sideline Antics Are Turning Heads In Boston

What is TB12 up to? He lifts both hands in the air, then bows toward the opposing sideline while standing on one foot.

Was he trying to ‘jinx’ the hated New York Giants?

Sep 2, 2019

Men’s Health – Tom Brady looked remarkably relaxed during the New England Patriots’ final preseason game against the New York Giants last week.

One of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, Brady chilled out on the sidelines, stretching and even trying a couple of yoga poses. [Video below.]

Boston sports reporter Michael Hurley called it the “highlight of the whole preseason,” while Sports Illustrated’s Charlotte Wilder called it “the most predictable thing that’s happened in the last three years.”

It looks like Brady’s been making the most of his and wife Giselle’s at-home yoga studio. Tom is entering his 20th season, making him one of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL at 42 years old, but his stats and reputation speak for themselves.

“He is going to play for as long as he wants,” former teammate Rob Gronkowski recently said. Maybe those yoga poses will make it into some new kind of victory dance?

Michael Hurley

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