Bartender’s Hack Flushes Toilet Clog Fast (Sorry, Rooter Man)

HEADLINE HEALTH – According to Roto Rooter, Black Friday is their busiest day of the year.

All those house guests and all that food – we don’t have to draw you a picture.

And when no one can flush, everyone’s health and comfort are at risk.

Your options:

  1. make the painful call to the rooter man, wait several painful hours, then write a painful check;
  2. grab a plunger, gloves, boots, mop, and disinfectant and slosh away; or
  3. try our favorite plumbing hack of all time and unplug your toilet in minutes for pennies.

This hack was reportedly invented by a busy bartender (an expert at mixing liquids to good effect) who did not have time or patience for options 1 and 2. We have used this hack several times – it works.

All you need is one item from under the kitchen sink (or bar) and any container that will hold water – bucket, wastebasket, pasta pot, whatever is handy.



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