Chicken Salad: Multi-State Recall

Multi-state Salmonella outbreak nears 100 cases 

(Headline Health) Americans’ disdain for preparing our own meals comes at a significant cost. We choose the convenience of pre-made foods that have the chance of contamination instead of making our own.

Chicken salad is a classic example – something that’s so easy to prepare. The latest Salmonella outbreak is another reminder of the risks of factory-made foods, and the benefits of making your own.

(CORAL BEACH, FOOD SAFETY NEWS) Health officials have identified almost 100 sick people in a multi-state Salmonella outbreak investigation linked to chicken salad sold.

The company that supplied the deli chicken salad to Fareway Stores Inc. has not been revealed by the regional grocery chain, state officials or federal officials.

As of Saturday night (2/16/18), the grocer, which has about 120 retail stores in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota, did not have any information about the situation on its website.

It has not recalled any food in relation to the outbreak.

Iowa’s Department of Public Health issued a public alert Tuesday about the link between the chicken salad and the Salmonella outbreak.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service followed up Wednesday with its own warning.

Those warnings did not report the number of illnesses.

Today the Iowa health department reported 94 sick people are implicated: 28 of them have laboratory-confirmed infections from Salmonella typhimurium and 66 of them  are probable cases.

All of the 28 confirmed sick people reported eating chicken salad from Fareway during the seven days before they became ill.

Of the 66 probable victims for whom confirmation tests are pending, all reported eating chicken salad from a Fareway store in the week before they became ill.

Other probable cases have epidemiological links to a confirmed sick person, according to the Iowa health department update posted today.

Illness onset dates range from Jan. 1 through Feb. 16.

There are likely more outbreak victims that are not yet showing up in state totals because of the lag time between illness onset, diagnosis and reporting to state officials. See the full story at Food Safety News.


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