This Vegetable Lowers Blood Sugar “Significantly”

By Dr. Manny – More Americans are unknowingly close to developing diabetes due to preventable lifestyle habits.

Even worse, an estimated 25% of Americans don’t know that they currently have diabetes.

What can be done to lower blood sugar?

Experts agree that both diabetics and those at risk greatly benefit from a healthy diet.

In fact, one preliminary study suggests that cucumbers could lower blood sugar.

The study focused on lowering blood sugar in diabetic mice by feeding them the peels of either pumpkin, cucumber or tinda (another vegetable).

They found that all 3 peels significantly lowered the mice’s blood sugar, although pumpkin peel worked the best.

However, this study suggests that eating more cucumbers could be an easy addition to a diabetic’s diet.

According to Live Science, cucumber makes an excellent alternative to sugary foods because of its low-carb makeup. It also contains vitamins C and K as well as some potassium.

Aside from cucumbers being low-carb, they can benefit diabetics with their fiber, which slows the rate of glucose being released into the blood.

With its various antioxidants, this food is one that diabetics should add to their diets on a regular basis. Read more. 


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