They thought their son was “nonverbal” – then the dentist saw this…

Parents thought their son was nonverbal. Then a dentist helped him speak

Texas dentist helps nonverbal boy speak

Jessica Borg, KHOU – Mason Motz, 6, was at the dentist’s office to get teeth pulled when the pediatric dentist noticed a different issue.

Mason had suffered from speech delays his whole life. He was born with Sotos Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects growth and development.

The family thought his speech delays were due to this, but it turns out that he was also tongue-tied.

The condition forms in the womb, when the tongue doesn’t separate completely from the bottom of the mouth.

“He wasn’t able to enunciate a word, so instead of saying, ‘Daddy,” or, ‘Dad,’ he would say, ‘da.,'” said Mason’s dad, Dalan Motz.

These days, life is totally different for the little boy.

“He’s got a vocabulary now. He’s able to put together letters and words,” Motz said.

The family is giving all the credit to Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar.

Within hours of undergoing a minutes-long laser procedure to correct the tongue-tie, Mason started talking in full sentences.

Mason’s parents say he is now thriving.

Dr. Leudemann-Lazar says she would like for it to be mandatory that all babies at birth be thoroughly examined for this common condition. Read the full story at