They Quickly Regretted Ordering These 3 McDonald’s Items

| Headline Health – High calorie counts and too much salt, sugar and saturated fat make most fast food options a poor choice for anyone who seeks a healthy lifestyle.

But when your meal is also potentially loaded with bacteria, viruses, and parasites, you need to stay far, far away.

Given the mounting reports of recent food safety breakdowns at McDonald’s, affecting hundreds of patrons, there seem to be few if any safe places on the menu.

Here are some recent Mickey D’s orders that patrons came to regret very quickly …

1. Breakfast Sandwiches

McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches may have given New Yorkers food poisoning

Taylor Rock, The Daily Meal – A McDonald’s restaurant in New York is being investigated after multiple people became sick after dining at the establishment.

The New York State Department of Health reported on August 23 that 22 people had reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea from August 4 to August 21, and 15 of those individuals claimed they’d eaten breakfast sandwiches at a McDonald’s in Jamestown, NY.

The number of people reporting symptoms had grown to 50 as of August 24.

Patient samples and breakfast sandwiches prepared at the affected location were sent to New York State’s Public Health Laboratory in Albany for testing. The franchise owner, Enrico Francani, temporarily closed the location for a thorough cleaning, to review food preparation and distribution processes, and to swap out all old ingredients for fresh ones before an inspection by the county health department … Original source. 

2. Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s serves raw Chicken McNuggets to Connecticut family

Kaylee Foote, 22, of Stratford didn’t feel like cooking so she pulled into the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

She ordered a Happy Meal for each of her two daughters: one meal was with a hamburger, the other with chicken McNuggets.

When the family sat down to eat, Foote’s five-year-old daughter quickly found her meal to be quite an unhappy experience.

“She just bit (into a McNugget) and spit it back out and said ‘this is gross,”’ said Foote, who recently graduated from a bioscience technology program.

“I was mortified because working in the science field I know how bad salmonella can be.”

Foote says roughly half of the chicken nuggets were raw. She immediately called the restaurant about the incident.

The person who took her call merely thanked her for the heads up. There was no apology, no offer of compensation.

“It was pretty irritating, especially when it is raw chicken,” she says.

Foote’s brother took the raw chicken into the restaurant and spoke with the manager.

The manager reimbursed the family for the cost of the meals.

Fortunately, Foote’s daughter did not become ill after chomping into the raw chicken. Original source. 

3. Anything with lettuce

507 People Sick in 15 States After Eating McDonald’s Salads

Federal health officials confirmed 507 cases of illness from customers who became sick after eating McDonald’s salads.

Illnesses linked to the cyclospora parasite occurred in Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Indiana. Officials also said customers sickened in Florida, New York City, Virginia, Tennessee, and Connecticut had traveled in Illinois and Kentucky.

In July, McDonald’s said it removed its existing salad blend from roughly 3,000 U.S. restaurants primarily located in the Midwest. It stopped serving salads until it located a different supplier. The FDA said it is still investigating the supplier of romaine lettuce and carrots. The cyclospora parasite can cause diarrhea, intestinal pain, nausea, and fatigue. Original source. 


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