OBGYN Visits Were Secretly Recorded

Image: Johnny Web, CC BY-SA 2.0

“I felt very betrayed. I felt this was tacky, tasteless. I mean, this is bad.” – Sharp Grossmont Hospital OBGYN patient

| Graphic details emerge in ‘crotch cam’ case; 1,800 possible victims

| DB Cheat Sheet – On its website, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, the largest medical facility in East County, San Diego, dedicates an entire webpage to what it calls The Sharp Experience:

“There really is a difference here,” the website reads. “The Sharp Experience is not one thing we do, it’s everything we do. It’s our care philosophy—treating people, not patients, and transforming the health care experience for our entire community.”

But a class action lawsuit filed against the hospital on March 29 alleges that for approximately 1,800 women, their “Sharp Experience” involved being secretly recorded during sensitive OBGYN procedures and examinations which took place between July 2012 and June 2013.

The hospital’s hidden, motion-detector cameras captured footage of “caesarean births, birth complications, dilation and curettage to resolve miscarriages, hysterectomies, sterilizations, and other medical procedures,” according to documents filed in San Diego Superior Court.

“I’m disgusted. I was so hurt. It just gave me such bad anxiety. I don’t know where the videos are.” – Sharp Grossmont Hospital OBGYN patient

The recordings were allegedly taken without audio, but a statement from the hospital conceded that patients were visible in some of the footage.

“The patients were undressed, unconscious, vulnerable, and had no expectation or indication that they were being recorded,” an earlier 2017 court filing claimed.

In interviews with the Daily Beast, three of the plaintiffs recounted how the hospital had invaded some of the most private moments of their lives, alleging that news of the recordings had left them feeling violated, anxious, and paranoid.

“I just feel like if I go into the hospital, someone will recognize me and for all the wrong reasons.” – Sharp Grossmont Hospital OBGYN patient

“I’m pretty much aware of every camera around me, including the one in the lobby downstairs,” a woman named Jennifer Ellis said. “It just gave me such bad anxiety,” former Sharp patient Katreen Spatz added. “I don’t know where the videos are.”

In addition to making illicit recordings, the hospital was “grossly negligent” in maintaining them, the complaint alleged.

Administrators stored the files on desktop computers that “could be accessed by multiple users, some without the need for a password” … Read more. 


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