“There Are Too Many Quacks Around Here.”

Cancer … or a cough? Patients reveal their scariest misdiagnosis stories

| “I got a third opinion from a surgeon who said I broke six different bones … There are too many quacks around here.”

HealthWay.com – It isn’t easy to be a doctor.

There are unlimited causes of any cluster of symptoms, and it’s your job to narrow that down to a single diagnosis. Odds are, you’re going to get it wrong every now and then.

In fact, the National Academy of Medicine warns that “most people” will have at least one incorrect diagnosis in their lifetimes.

More than 20 percent of the patients who visit the Mayo Clinic show up with the wrong diagnosis.

The point is, doctors make mistakes. That’s no consolation when a physician tells you to start preparing for the end…and it turns out you’ve just got a cold.

These patients of Reddit can tell you all about it. In fact, they will. This Medical Mistake Is Killing Cancer Patients

We’ve edited these stories a bit for grammar, style, and readability. Here are some of the most terrifying tales of misdiagnosis from all of Reddit:

There’s one diagnosis that we all fear more than any other: cancer.

Of course, a doctor telling you it’s cancer doesn’t necessarily make it so. Here are a few folks who have stared down the “emperor of all maladies” only to find out they’re actually doing pretty alright…at least compared to having cancer.

“Leukemia,” wrote a Reddit user, getting right to the point:

“I spent two weeks continuously going to my doctor because I started feeling sick the night I graduated high school. They thought it was mono at first and did countless mono tests. They were all negative.”

“Then they told me it might be HIV. Thankfully that test was negative. After two weeks of no luck, my doctor put me in the hospital and said I might have leukemia. I was 18 and just graduated. I spent a lot of time crying … ” Read more. 


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