The End Of Sex?

“The truth is that modern women enjoy the more lusty, primal aspects of love-making. Polite sex holds little interest for them—they’d rather do the dishes.”

Oct 6, 2019

| Psychology Today – We have become a massive, unintended sexual experiment.

Our understanding of sex and gender is evolving at astonishing rates.

Paradoxically, as powerful, exhilarating, and necessary as this process is for our collective future, we are simultaneously at a perilous moment for the future of intimacy and intimate relationships.

Forcing sex into a politically correct paradigm annihilates it.

Sexual frequency today is less than all prior decades studied—at least, people are having less sex with their partners.

Rates of sexual dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunction are astoundingly high.

This is due to a variety of factors that are merging to create a perfect storm—technological advances, mobile lifestyles, increasing daily tasks, rising expectations for long-term relationships, and information overload.

“Our evolutionary psychology has not caught up … “

Yet there is something even more fundamentally awry.

The very empowering of women and the culturally valued softening of men has suddenly created a new way of engaging in the bedroom as much as in the boardroom, and our evolutionary psychology has not caught up.

This is a serious social problem because intimacy is not an expendable aspect of humanity. Amazing Habit “Increases Genital Arousal”

Our insistence that men and women are more alike than different is true in almost all aspects of living, except for sex. Human sexuality—the sexuality of all mammals in general and primates in particular—has primal, biological roots.

And when people work with, rather than against, these instincts, their sex gets better. Gender equality does not imply gender equivalence—at least, not in the bedroom.

The extraordinary gains provided by the feminist movement have been a thrilling first in modern history.

Women’s expectations about sex have appropriately changed: They demand more pleasure from sex … Read more. 

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