Texas Doctors Charged As Drug Dealers

“If you behave like a drug dealer, we’re going to find you and treat you like a drug dealer.” – Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski 

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Federal authorities have arrested a number of people in 36 medical offices, pharmacies and clinics across the Houston area for illegally distributing opioids.

“This operates in broad daylight, and when you know what it is, you can see it,” U.S. Attorney Ryan Patrick said.

The network including medical providers and pharmacists is suspected of distributing 23 million opioid pills illegally.

One doctor is accused of prescribing more than two million pills in just 15 months.

Agents say addicted patients usually buy pills from doctors, but in this case, runners were recruited to pose as patients and go to clinics to hoard millions of pills for distribution.

The network was uncovered due to one case.

“Operation Hip Hop targeted Ricky Moten, a rapper, studio owner and long-time leader of a heroin and cocaine trafficking organization,” DEA special agent Jeffery Scott said. “We later learned his ties to Houston-based network pharmacies, clinics, doctors and other individuals … ” Read more. 

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