USA’S Ten Worst Jobs: Stressful, Dangerous, Unhealthy

What are the worst jobs in America? These have high stress, low pay and lack of job security

| By Grant Suneson, Apr 20, 2019

USA TODAY – In some careers, dangerous tasks, high levels of stress, and public scrutiny are all commonplace and can take a toll on employee satisfaction.

Many of the worst jobs in America rank poorly because they have among the least job security in the U.S. labor force, exposing workers to constant financial stress.

10. Painter – takes a daily toll on the body 

Painting can be a physically demanding job as it requires painters to crouch, reach, and kneel to reach all day long. Some painters work on bridges or tall buildings, exposing themselves to additional dangers.

9. Advertising salesperson – stressful sales quotas

As newspapers and magazines decline in circulation or go out of business, fewer advertising sales agents will be needed. Workers in the industry face significant pressure to meet their sales quotas.

8. Broadcaster – threat of job loss 

As ad revenue decreases for radio and television broadcasts, stations will likely not be able to afford as many broadcasters as they once did.

7. Disc jockey – a dying occupation

With the rise of online music streaming and podcasts, listeners have other music options than listening to radio stations. This is partially to blame for the projected decline in DJ jobs.

6. Corrections officer – high injury rate 

Largely as a result of violent inmates, corrections officers have among the highest injury and illness rates of all jobs.

5. Enlisted military personnel – difficult working environments

Persons serving in the U.S. military face very high stress and one of the most difficult working environments possible – especially those serving in combat zones.

4. Retail salesperson – threat of job loss

The continued rise of online shopping and the struggles of brick-and-mortar retailers may have an even greater impact than anticipated on the number of retail workers.

3. Newspaper reporter – pressing deadlines, nasty feedback

The number of newspaper reporters is projected to keep dropping as newspapers lose readers and ad revenue. Reporters often face intense scrutiny from readers, added to the stress of print deadlines. In an increasingly polarized political environment, reporters are often inundated with negative feedback.

2. Logger – high fatality rate 

Logging ranks as the second worst job in America. There were 55 fatal injuries to loggers in 2017. Even when done safely, logging is very physically strenuous.

1. Taxi driver – the worst job in America

Taxi drivers work all hours of the day, sometimes in inclement weather, dealing with traffic jams and potentially unruly or rude passengers. The combination of low pay, slow employment growth, high stress, and an undesirable work environment has made taxi driving the worst job in America. Read more. 


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