How To Tell If a Supplement Will Boost Your Sex Life

Skip the shady stuff and consider this instead

If a certain food or supplement is good for this one thing, it’s likely to be good for your sex life, too.

(Elizabeth Millard, Men’s Health) There are major dangers when it comes to “herbal Viagra,” the term used to describe the natural supplements that are advertised to boost your erection, says Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., who specializes in urology and men’s health.

“Even if you buy them at a big retailer, and they seem to be made of ‘natural’ ingredients, be cautious,” he says.

“No one is regulating this stuff.”

Short of turning to prescription meds like the real Viagra or Cialis, is anything over-the-counter safe—and effective—for your sex life?

Surprisingly, yes.

Sexual Supplement: Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are a known supplement for guys with heart issues. So how can that help you below the belt?

If there’s a certain food or supplement that’s good for your heart, it’s likely to be good for your sex life, too according to Dr. Brahmbhatt.

That’s because heart-healthy changes are geared toward improving blood flow and increasing the size of blood vessels, he says.

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Your penis has the smallest blood vessels in your body, he says, meaning they’re easier to get clogged up.

And impeded blood flow is bad for erections, so anything that improves blood flow is good down there.

The kicker is that many blood pressure medications list erectile dysfunction as a side effect, he adds.

That’s because they modulate the way that blood vessels open and close, which can reduce flow overall, especially down south.

By contrast, omega-3 fatty acids can have the opposite effect because they lower inflammation that might be affecting blood vessels, while also reducing blood clotting. And that can help boost your blood flow.

Getting your omegas from foods like fatty fish is your best bet, but supplements can also be helpful. Talk to your doctor if you’re thinking of supplementing. Read the full story at Men’s Health